Blogger has served us well, and yet it reached its limitations some time ago. While the basic business model of the robo-adviser remains unchanged, I will view several competitive risks to the robo model that is standalone. In the aggregate holdings of a portfolio that is global, gold cannot be anything but a miniscule weight from a portfolio perspective. The CNN Money Fear and Greed Index had dropped to levels where the marketplace had bounced but it could have gone a lot lower.

We can see this by using 's calculator to discover that XRE (input the symbol ) over the previous twelve years has a 0.53 correlation with XIU (enter ) and a -0.05 correlation with XBB (enter ), the iShares extensive Canadian bond ETF The numbers vary somewhat for different time periods but XRE has had consistently low correlation with XIU and XBB i.e. away from the 1.0 mark which signifies ETF Rankings the whole perfect correlation that we don't desire.

Real estate a good diversifier in a portfolio - Some investors look as the primary advantage of REIT ETFs at the high distribution yield for income. But long term investors, who follow the strategy of rebalancing to some fixed asset allocation (see our Rebalancing what, why and how and model portfolios we have suggested - Simple , Swensen Seven , Smart Beta ), look to the diversification benefits of REIT ETFs. We have a tendency to favour the particular benefit of the lower MER, but all depends on the continuance of at least reasonable operation of huge holdings Riocan and H&R.